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Melamine Top 25mm over White, Black or Silver Steel Base
Option SKU Price
1500 X 600 X 725h 301560 $238.00 (excl. GST)
1200 X 600 X 725h 301260 $218.00 (excl. GST)
1800 X 600 X 725h 301860 $250.00 (excl. GST)
1500 X 750 X 725h 301575 $250.00 (excl. GST)
1800 X 750 X 725h 301875 $270.00 (excl. GST)
2100 X 750 X 725h 302175 $293.00 (excl. GST)


Stylish design enabling efficient use of space and clever, collaborative environments. A combination Laminex or Formica range in 25mm tops over a choice black, white or silver legs produces a very stylish outcome.

Style Range

Moda is a stylish design enabling efficient use of space and clever collaborative environments. Ideal for stand alone desking or desk system solutions the Moda workspace range is an ideal candidate. The leg system is available in 3 colours, black, white or silver grey and includes functional options such as expandable cable beams and modesty panels depending on its intended use.

All tops are available in the INVENT range of sizes and shapes using the Laminex & Formica range of colours.

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