Express Return 900 x 600

Express Open Desk 2100 x 900_files/Open%20Desk.jpg


Open Return 900mm wide x 600mm deep

The 900w x 600d Open Return is made to order in a range of 8 colour combinations . The product available in flaptacked or assembled  and is comprised of 2 gables, 1 modesty panel and desktop. The gables and modesty panel are made from 18mm E1 commercial board (see bottom of page) and the top is 25mm thick with a 2mm PVC edge. The PVC edge is coloured to match the desk top colour. The desk also accomodates a return and  fixed drawer unit or mobile pedestal.

Width: 900mm

Depth: 600mm

Height: 720mm

Availability: 1 – 4 days

$120 (ex GST)

Office Furniture Brisbane Product Spec Sheet:

For more information or to place an order call 07 3393 9733 email [email protected] visit us at Unit 1, 1378 Lytton Road Hemmant.

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Below are the standard colour options:Beech / Ironstone, Beech /  White, Cherry / Ironstone, Cherry / White, Whit / Ironstone, White all over, Maple / Ironstone, Maple / White.

All are available on an express turnaround of between 1-4 days

Express Open Desk 2100 x 900_files/young_beech.jpgIronstone.jpg

Beech over Ironstone


Beech over White


Cherry over Irontone


Cherry over White


Maple Over Ironstone


Maple over White


White over Ironstone


White over White

What was the content of formaldehyde in the last desk you purchased?

Formaldehyde (CH2O) is a volatile organic compound found naturally in the environment at low levels, is soluable in water and is an odourless invisible gas. The Main commercial use of Formaldehyde is as a bonding agent in wood based panels. The formaldehyde liquid is an important ingredient to help bond the raw materials of MDF, Particleboard or plywood together to help form its board like structure. The World Health Organisation has classified Formaldehyde as a known carcinogen, a cancer causing chemical.

You would have heard of the terms E2, E0, E1 or Super E0. These are the classifications given to different wood products determined by their varying concentrations of Formaldehyde.

The Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia (EWPAA) have classified the different levels as;

  • Super E0 – ≤0.3 Mg (F) Per L
  • E0 – ≤0.5 Mg (F) Per L
  • E1 – ≤1.5 Mg (F) Per L
  • E2 – ≤2.0 Mg (F) Per L
  • E3 – >2.0 Mg (F) Per L

Direct sunlight and other heat sources, are the main catalyst for the release of formaldehyde into the surrounding air. Heavy concentrations have been recorded as causing breathing difficulties, watery eyes, dermatitis, and other respiratory health issues. In 2006, 28 million tonnes was used throughout the world.

Make the switch and be a little more earth conscious today!

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